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Table 5 Primer sequences used to generate probes

From: Evolution and expansion of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE and PPE multigene families and their association with the duplication of the ESAT-6 (esx) gene cluster regions

Probe name Primer name Primer sequence (5' to 3') Application
Rv1917c (and Rv1918c) ppe-17 ttc aac tcc gtg acg tcg Amplification of 471 bp 5' terminal region from Rv1917c and Rv1918c
  ppe-18 cag cac acc ctt gga act g  
Rv1753c 1753ISH_F cgg tgg ctt tag tct acc tgc Amplification of 279 bp 5' terminal region from Rv1753c
  1753ISH_R ccg gtc aat gtg tat ggg tg  
mycP5 (Rv1796) prot 5 f gtg ctc gta atg tca tcg Amplification of 658 bp of Rv1796
  prot 5 r cat atc ggc acc ata tcg