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Table 2 Some of the functionally known Pfam-A families in each group, defined by the number of nodes associated with it

From: Tracing the origin of functional and conserved domains in the human proteome: implications for protein evolution at the modular level

Number of nodes associated with a group Pfam-A family ID Frequency of occurrence in human proteome Description of the family
1 PF02214 120 K+ channel tetramerization domain
  PF02101 113 Ocular albinism type 1 protein
  PF02719 112 Polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
  PF00307 109 Calponin Homology domain
  PF04185 19 Phosphoesterase family
2 PF02117 671 C. elegans Sra family integral membrane protein
  PF04762 306 IKI3 family
  PF00089 175 Trypsin
  PF00854 159 Proton-dependent oligopeptide transport family
  PF00969 133 Class II histocompatibility antigen, beta domain
3 PF01748 923 C. serpentine receptor like protein
  PF05462 883 Slime mold cyclic AMP receptor
  PF00002 862 7 transmembrane receptor (secretin family)
  PF03125 791 C. elegans Sre G protein-coupled chemoreceptor
  PF02118 777 C. elegans Srg family integral membrane protein
  PF00169 307 Pleckstrin homology domain
  PF02175 305 C. elegans integral membrane protein Srb
  PF07653 273 Variant SH3 domain
4 PF01461 900 7 transmembrane chemoreceptor
  PF03402 642 Vomeronasal organ pheromone receptor family
  PF01163 461 RIO1 family
  PF01352 461 Kruppel-associated box domain
  PF00076 313 RNA recognition motif
  PF00018 288 SH3 domain
  PF00046 276 Homeobox domain
  PF00595 210 PDZ domain
5 PF00096 1007 Zinc finger, C2H2 type
  PF05296 917 Mammalian taste receptor protein (TAS2R)
  PF00047 834 Immunoglobulin domain
  PF00069 769 Protein kinase domain
  PF08205 647 CD80-like C2-set immunoglobulin domain
  PF07679 621 Immunoglobulin I-set domain
  PF00071 317 Ras family
6 PF03326 1403 Herpes virus transcription activation factor
  PF07686 965 Immunoglobulin V-set domain
  PF07714 767 Protein tyrosine kinase
  PF04388 713 Hamartin protein
  PF07654 489 Immunoglobulin C1-set domain
  PF00131 344 Metallothionein
  PF00023 310 Ankyrin repeat
  PF00041 261 Fibronectin type III domain
7 PF05109 2177 Herpes virus major outer envelope glycoprotein
  PF03546 1859 Treacher Collins syndrome protein Treacle
  PF00038 1194 Intermediate filament protein
  PF00001 1004 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family)
  PF01391 277 Collagen triple helix repeat
  PF00008 221 Epidermal Growth Factor-like domain
8 PF03154 3365 Atrophin-1 family
  PF04554 3125 Extensin-like region
  PF03251 2546 Tymo virus 45/70kd protein
  PF05956 2384 APC basic domain
  PF01500 766 Keratin, high sulfur B2 protein