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Table 4 Genera and species of Arvicolinae, with cytochrome b (CYB) and Growth Hormon Receptor (GHR) accession numbers and references.

From: The evolutionary radiation of Arvicolinae rodents (voles and lemmings): relative contribution of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA phylogenies

Subfamily (Genus) (Subgenus) Species Common name CYB CYB GHR GHR Source
    Accession Reference Accession Reference  
Gerbillinae Meriones shawi Shaw's jird - - AF332021 [90]  
  Meriones unguiculatus Mongolian jird AF159405 [91] - -  
Murinae Rattus norvegicus Brown Rat VO1556 [92] X16726 [93]  
Sigmodontinae Phyllotis darwini Darwin's leaf-eared mouse U86819 [94] AF332023 [90]  
Cricetinae Mesocricetus auratus Golden Hamster AF119265 [34] AF540632 [95]  
Arvicola A. terrestris European water vole AF119269 [34] AM392380 This study ISEM T-3054
Blanfordimys B. bucharicus Bucharian vole AM392369 This study AM392392 This study ISEM T-1060
Chionomys C. nivalis European snow vole AM392367 This study AM392378 This study ISEM T-523
Dicrostonyx D. torquatus Arctic Lemming AF119275 [34] AM392381 This study ISEM T-1337
Eothenomys E. melanogaster Père David's vole AM392374 This study AM392399 This study ISEM T-4338
Lasiopodomys L. mandarinus Mandarin vole AM392373 This study AM392396 This study ISEM T-1066
Lemmus L. sibiricus Brown Lemming AJ012671 [96] AM392398 This study ISEM T-1336
Microtus M. (Microtus) arvalis Common vole U54488 [97] AM392386 This study ISEM T-3047
  M. (Aulacomys) chrotorrhinus Rock vole AF163893 [98] AM392383 This study ISEM T-603
  M. (Aulacomys) richardsoni Water vole AF163905 [98] AM392387 This study ISEM T-598
  M. (Terricola) duodecimcostatus Mediterranean pine vole AM392375 This study AM392400 This study ISEM T-4456
  M. (Microtus) guentheri Gunther's vole AY513804 [36] AM392397 This study ISEM T-4179
  M. (Alexandromys) kikuchii Taiwan vole AF163896 [98] AM392385 This study ISEM T-276
  M. (?) longicaudus Long-tailed vole AF119267 [34] AM392379 This study ISEM T-136
  M. (Alexandromys) middendorffi Middendorf's vole AF163898 [98] AM392390 This study ISEM T-3509
  M. (Pedomys) ochrogaster Prairie vole AF163901 [98] AM392389 This study ISEM T-130
  M. (Alexandromys) oeconomus Tundra vole AF163902 [98] AM392388 This study J.R. Michaux
  M. (Mynomes) pennsylvanicus Meadow vole AF119279 [34] AM392376 This study ISEM T-140
Myodes M. andersoni Japanese red-backed vole AB037281 [99] AM392391 This study ISEM T-1341
  M. glareolus Bank vole AM392368 This study AM392384 This study ISEM T-1389
Neodon N. irene Chinese scrub vole AM392370 This study AM392393 This study P. Giraudoux & J.-P. Quéré
Ondatra O. zibethicus Muskrat AF119277 [34] AM392382 This study P.-A. Crochet
Phaiomys P. leucurus Blyth's vole AM392371 This study AM392394 This study P. Giraudoux & J.-P. Quéré
Phenacomys P. intermedius Western heather vole AF119260 [34] AM392377 This study ISEM T-672
Prometheomys P. schaposchnikowi Long-clawed mole-vole AM392372 This study AM392395 This study ISEM T-377
  1. When sequences are new for this study, accession numbers are in bold, and the source of the tissue is mentioned.