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Table 3 Comparison between 18S rRNA and RPB gene phylogenies in the topology and statistical support for the major clades.

From: Loss of the flagellum happened only once in the fungal lineage: phylogenetic structure of Kingdom Fungi inferred from RNA polymerase II subunit genes

Major clade 18S rDNA RPB1+RPB2
Monophyletic Ascomycota 100%, 75% a 100%, 99%
Monophyletic Basidiomycota 100%, 89% 100%, 100%
Monophyletic Dikaryomycota 100%, 89% 100%, 100%
Monophyletic Zygomycota No (polyphyletic) 100%, 78%
Clade of Asco-, Basidio- and Zygomycota No b 100%, 84%
Monophyletic Chytridiomycota No (polyphyletic) No (paraphyletic)
Monophyletic kingdom Fungi 72%, 71% 100%, 91%
Microsporidia sister to Fungi Noc 100%, 99%
  1. a. The numbers are the values of Bayesian posterior probability and parsimony bootstrap support respectively.
  2. b. Zygomycota did not form a clade with Ascomycota and Basidiomycota in the 18S rDNA phylogeny (Figure 2A).
  3. c. Microsporidia is not included in the phylogenetic analyses based on 18S rDNA (Figure 2A) due to highly divergence of the sequences and difficulty in the alignment.