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Table 4 Derived gene clusters shared by Scenedesmus and Chlamydomonas cpDNAs

From: The complete chloroplast genome sequence of the chlorophycean green alga Scenedesmus obliquus reveals a compact gene organization and a biased distribution of genes on the two DNA strands

Cluster no.a Gene composition
1 rps3-rpoC2
2 rpoBb-rpoBa-/psbF-psbL b
3 psbD-psaAa-psbJ-atpI-psaJ-rps12
4 rps7-atpE
5 psaC-petL-trnN(guu)
6 atpA-psbI-cemA
7 trnL(uag)-clpP
8 ccsA-psbZ-psbM
9 petA-petD
10 chlL-rpl36
11 psbE-rps9-ycf4-ycf3
  1. a Clusters are labelled as in Fig.1.
  2. b The slash indicates a change in gene polarity.