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Table 1 Rice Dof transcription factors

From: Genome-wide comparative phylogenetic analysis of the rice and Arabidopsis Dof gene families

Sequence Namea Japonica BAC/PAC Nameb Indica Contig Namec Predicted Gene structured Chomosomee Groupf
OsDof-1 P0505D12 AAAA01001390.1 ___Dof___ (T) 1 c1
OsDof-2 P0453A06 AAAA01021216.1 __Dof___ (T) 1 d1
OsDof-3 P0001B06 AAAA01003833.1 ___Dof___ (T) 1 d2
OsDof-4 P0038F12 AAAA01000894.1 _2_Dof___ (T) 1 d1
OsDof-5 P0007F06 AAAA01006178.1i ___Dof___ (T) 1 d1
OsDof-6 B1131G08 AAAA01001653.1 ___Dof___ (R) 1 d1
OsDof-7 49D11 AAAA01000209.1 __Dof___ (T) 2 c1
OsDof-8 B1121A12 AAAA01004110.1 _2_Dof__ (T) 2 a
OsDof-9 P0657H12 AAAA01000342.1 ___Dof___ (T) 2 c2
OsDof-10 OSJNBa0009N02 AAAA01004826.1 ___Dof_2_ (T) 2 c2
OsDof-11 OSJNBa0010D22 AAAA01014987.1 ___Dof___ (T) 3 a
OsDof-12 OSJNBa0091P11 AAAA01007635.1 __Dof___ (T) 3 d1
OsDof-13 OSJNBa0063J18 AAAA01000005.1 ___Dof__ (T) 3 d3
OsDof-14 OSJNBa0002D01 AAAA01000212.1 __Dof___ (T) 3 b
OsDof-15 OSJNBa0079B15 AAAA01003692.1 ___Dof___ (T) 3 a
OsDof-16 OJ1754_E06 AAAA01000954.1 ___Dof___ (R) 3 b
OsDof-17 OSJNBa0064G10 AAAA01000011.1 __Dof___ (T) 4 d2
OsDof-18 OSJNB0005N02 AAAA01002346.1 ___Dof_2_ (T) 4 c2
OsDof-19 P0016H04 AAAA01007236.1 __Dof___ (T) 5 b
OsDof-20 P0491D10 AAAA01062012.1j ___Dof__ (T) 6 a
OsDof-21 P0407H12 AAAA01008294.1 ___Dof___ (T) 7 b
OsDof-22 P0483G08 AAAA01004849.1 ___Dof___ (T) 7 b
OsDof-23 OSJNBa0060O17 AAAA01004298.1 ___Dof___ (R) 7 d1
OsDof-24 P0605H02 AAAA01033718.1 ___Dof___ (R) 8 d3
OsDof-25 P0556A05 AAAA01001409.1 _2_Dof___ (R) 9 d3
OsDof-26 OSJNBa0060A14 AAAA01002383.1 _3_Dof___ (R) 10 d1
OsDof-27 OSJNBa0066I08 AAAA01003749.1 _2_Dof_2_ (T) 10 d2
OsDof-28 OSJNBa0016C14 AAAA01003609.1 __Dof___ (T) 12 b
OsDof-29 CL012178.39g AAAA01002638.1 ___Dof___ (R)   c1
OsDof-30 CL037947.70h AAAA01068763.1 ___Dof___ (R)   d3
  1. a Sequence name designation is arbitrary. b O. sativa ssp. japonica BAC/PAC clone name at the rice TIGR db. c O. sativa ssp. indica contig name at the NCBI O. sativa BLAST page. d Gene structure prediction according to the rice TIGR db (T) or to the RiceGAAS system (R). Intron () relative position respect to the Dof domain. Sub-index indicates number of introns. e Chromosome assignment according to O. sativa ssp. japonica at the rice TIGR db. f Group designation after the phylogenetic analysis displayed in Figure 2B. g O. sativa ssp. japonica contig name at the rice TMRI db. h O. sativa ssp. japonica contig (at TMRI) containing incomplete gene (lacking the Dof domain) i O. sativa ssp. indica contig containing incomplete gene (lacking the Dof domain) j O. sativa ssp. indica contig containing a misassembled gene.