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Table 2 Primers used for PCR analysis.

From: Evidence for the adaptive significance of an LTR retrotransposon sequence in a Drosophila heterochromatic gene

Primer Sequence Position 1
cht3(f) 5'-TGATGCCATACTCCTACTCCGTAAC-3' 27910:27934
cht3(f2) 5'-ATGAAAAACGGATGGACAGCC-3' 18549:18569
cht3(r) 5'-CATTCCTGTTTGCCAACCCC-3' 28395:28376
Antonia LTR(f) 5'-TTAAGCGAACGTCGGAGAC-3' 21299:21317
Antonia LTR(r) 5'-CCACTAGAAGGGTGAAAACTGC-3' 21570:21549
cathD(f) 5'-GGTGAAGCCGCCATTTTACG-3' 220780:220799
cathD(r) 5'-CGCCCAGCACAAACTTGATTAC-3' 221240:221219
Burdock LTR(f) 5'-TGACCGACGCTTCTAATCTTCC-3' 221638:221659
Burdock element(r) 5'-GGTTGGCAGTATGGGAACTTAGTG-3' 221918:221895
  1. 1 Position is relative to location of first nucleotide within clone, AE002743 for cht3 or AE003839 for cathD.