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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of Hapalemur 12S sequences.

From: Phylogenetic relationships between Hapalemur species and subspecies based on mitochondrial DNA sequences

Species/subspecies GenBank accession numbers
Hapalemur griseus meridionalis (HGM) 25 AJ429205
  29* AJ429206
Hapalemur griseus ssp (HGssp) 41 AJ429207
  43 AJ429208
  59 AJ429209
Hapalemur griseus griseus (HGG) 06 AJ429210
  10 AJ429211
Hapalemur griseus occidentalis (HGO) 19 ** AJ429212
  20 AJ429213
  23 AJ429214
  24 AJ429215
  1. * 12S sequence of HGM29 is similar to HGssp40, HGssp42 and HGssp73. ** 12S sequence of HGO19 is similar to HGO22.