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Table 1 All ancient samples used in the analyses with their total DNA concentration, together with information on origin and previously published control region sequences

From: Revealing the maternal demographic history of Panthera leo using ancient DNA and a spatially explicit genealogical analysis

Extract ID Element Place of origin Region Museum accession number (Museum) CytB haplotype Genbank accession Control region haplotype Total DNA concentration (ng/μl)
PL1 Skull Senegal West A1892 (PARIS) C KJ545522 M4 0.529
PL2 Skull Senegal West 1890-490 (PARIS) D KJ545523 M4 2.4
PL3 Mandible Barbary North A58:5827 (STOCKHOLM) G KJ545524 M11 3.14
PL4 Skull Burkina Faso West 1926-248 (PARIS) C KJ545525 M3 0.869
PL5 Tissue Tunisia North BARBARY C (LEIDEN) E KJ545526 M11 10.2
PL6 Skull North Africa North A7912 (PARIS) E KJ545527 M11 3.89
PL7 Vertebra Algeria West 1862-54 (PARIS) E KJ545528 M11 1.22
PL8 Skull Iran Middle East 1962-2847 (PARIS) F KJ545529 M10 3.92
PL9 Skull Iran Middle East 1962-2854 (PARIS) F KJ545530 M10 3.94
PL11 Mandible Tower of London North 1952.10.20.15 (NHM) E KJ545531 M11 0.146
PL12 Mandible Tower of London North 1952.10.20.16 (NHM) H KJ545532 M11 0.091
PL13 Vertebra Sudan Central 1995-164 (PARIS) A KJ545533 M8 0.59
PL15 Skull Central African Republic Central 1996-2516 (PARIS) A KJ545534 M6 5.01
PL16 Skull Central African Republic Central 1996-2517 (PARIS) B KJ545535 M6 0.304