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Table 2 Host strains used in this study (RCC = Roscoff Culture Collection)

From: Cophylogenetic interactions between marine viruses and eukaryotic picophytoplankton

Host species Clade Strain code in RCC Alternative strain code (other culture collections) Isolation site Isolation date (dd-mm-yyyy) Reference and/or accession number
Mp A 2485   Atlantic Ocean 11-07-1980 This study, KF501024
  (38°42'N, 72°22'W)  
Mp A 658 CS-170 Pacific Ocean, West Australia 01-01-1982 This study, KF501030
Mp B 2482   Mediterranean Sea, Italy 08-04-1993 This study, KF501032
Mp B 2483   Mediterranean Sea, Italy 08-01-1997 This study, KF501033
Mp B 418   English Channel 14-06-2001 This study, KF501026
  (48°37'N, 3°51'W)  
Mp B 461   English Channel 14-06-2001 This study, KF501027
  (48°37'N, 3°51'W)  
Mp B 1109   Mediterranean Sea, Leucate lagoon 28-07-2006 This study, KF501031
  (42°48'N, 3°1'E)  
Mp C 2484   Mediterranean Sea, Spain 18-04-2002 This study, KF501034
  (41°43'N, 3°33'E)  
Mp C 834 CCMP1545, PLY 27 English Channel 13-04-1950 [28]; AY954994
  (50°36'N, 3°57'W)  
Mp C 629   North Sea, Germany 17-01-2001 This study, KF501018
  (54°11'N, 7°54'E)  
Mp C 465   English Channel 13-06-2001 This study, KF501028
  (48°37'N, 4°17'W)  
Mp C 373   Baltic Sea, Skagerrak 03-01-2001 This study, KF501025
  (58°11'N, 9°6'E)  
Mp C 114 CCMP490 Atlantic Ocean, USA 18-06-1964 [22], AY955004
  (41°31'N, 70°40'W)  
Ot C 745   Mediterranean Sea, Thau lagoon 03-05-1995 [19], CAID01000012
  (43°24'N, 3°36'E)  
Ol A   CCE9901, CCMP2972 North Pacific, California 01-01-1999 [20], AY329636
  (32°90'N, 117°25'W)  
O A 344   English Channel 04-12-2000 [16], AY425307 (18S); [17], AY586736 (ITS)
  (48°45′N, 3°57′W)  
O A 356   North Atlantic, Morocco 09-12-1999 [16], AY425308 (18S); [17], AY586740 (ITS)
  (30°8'N, 10°3'W)  
O C 1108   Mediterranean Sea, Banyuls Bay 01-02-2006 [18]; GQ426332
  (42°29'N, 3°8'E)  
Om D 789   Mediterranean Sea, Spain 28-02-2001 [16], AY425313 (18S); This study, [17], AY586745 (ITS)
  (41°43'N, 3°33'E)  
Om D 1107   Mediterranean Sea, (43°3'N, 2°59'E) 01-01-2006 [21], JN862902
Bp   1105   Mediterranean Sea, Banyuls Bay 01-01-2006 [29], JX625115
  (42°29'N, 3°8'E)  
Bp   464   English Channel 09-07-2000 This study, KF501036
  (48°45'N, 3°57'W)  
  1. Mp = Micromonas pusilla, Ot = Ostreococcus tauri, O = Ostreococcus sp, Ol = Ostreococcus lucimarinus, Om = Ostreococcus mediterraneus, Bp = Bathycoccus prasinos. RCC2482, 2483, 2484 and 2485 are clonal strains isolated from RCC828, RCC829, RCC497 and RCC 451, respectively.