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Table 5 Correlation between host and parasite genetic distance

From: The effect of host social system on parasite population genetic structure: comparative population genetics of two ectoparasitic mites and their bat hosts

  S. myoti/M. myotis S. bechsteini/M. bechsteinii
  β R2 β R2
Mite mtDNA - Host mtDNA −2.59 0.139 −0.329 0.115
Mite mtDNA - Host nDNA −0.17 0.125 −3.33 0.025
Mite nDNA - Host mtDNA 0.003 0.022 −0.101 0.097
Mite nDNA - Host nDNA 0.343 0.013 −0.04 0.08
  1. Correlations (partial mantel) between host and parasite genetic differentiation corrected for geographic distance. For each pair the slope (β) and the variance explained by the model (R2) are given. No correlations were significant after correcting for distance.