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Table 2 Sampling details of the ten studied H. axyridis populations

From: Cannibalism in invasive, native and biocontrol populations of the harlequin ladybird

Biogeographic status Sampling site locality Sample code Coordinates Distance from outbreak core (Km) Date of first observation
Invasive Brussels (Belgium) X1 50.839°N 0 2001
  Fondettes (France) X2 47.402°N 469 2006
  Chizé (France) X3 46.148°N 629 2009
  Walhain (Belgium) Y1 50.612°N 0 2001
  Quincieux (France) Y2 45.909°N 522 2007
  Prade-le-lez (France) Y3 43.698°N 770 2008
Native Krasnoyarsk (Russia) Z1 56.001°N N/A N/A
  Fuchu (Japan) Z2 34.57°N N/A N/A
Biocontrol Valbonne (France) W1 N/A N/A N/A
  Westerlo (Belgium) W2 N/A N/A N/A
  1. Note: Two populations were sampled in the native area (Z1 and Z2), six in the European invaded area (X1 to X3 and Y1 to Y3) and two populations originated from commercial biocontrol stocks (W1 and W2). For the European invasive populations, samples were collected along two transects starting from the outbreak core and ending near the invasion front (see Figure 3). N/A – not assessed.