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Table 2 A detailed description of host specificity of each Anicetus species

From: Cophylogenetic relationships between Anicetusparasitoids (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) and their scale insect hosts (Hemiptera: Coccidae)

Anicetusspecies Location Host Date
Eusemion sp. Guangxi, baise Acanthococcus sp.
A. sp2 Fujian, Nanjing Parasaissetia sp. 23.ix.2008
A. sp1 Shanghai pulvinaria aurantii 19.v.2008
A. aligarhensis Shanxi, Taiyuan C. japonicus
A. aligarhensis Hubei, Jingzhou C. japonicus 10.v.2011
A. aligarhensis Hubei, Xiangyang C. japonicus 15.viii.2011
A. ohgushii Zhejiang, Yuyao C. japonicus 29.xii.2010
A. dodonia Anhui, Wuhu C. ceriferus
A. ceroplastis Beijing C. ceriferus 15.ix.2008
A. rubensi Shanghai C. rubens 11.v.2008
A. rubensi Jiangxi, Yichun C. rubens 13.v.2009
A. rubensi Jiangxi, Xinyu C. rubens 15.xi.2008
A. rubensi Hunan, Changsha C. rubens 11.xi.2006
A. beneficus Shanghai C. rubens 11.v.2008
A. beneficus Jiangxi, Yichun C. rubens 13.xi.2008
A. beneficus Hangzhou C. rubens 24.ix.2009
A. beneficus Sichuan, Chengdu C. rubens 16.v.2009
A. beneficus Austrailia C. rubens 15.xi.2010
A. beneficus Hangzhou C. rubens 24.xi.2008
A. beneficus Anhui, HeFei C. rubens 20.v.2011
A. beneficus Jiangxi, Xinyu C. rubens 20.xi.2009
A. beneficus Jiangsu, Nanjing C. rubens 9.x.2009
A. beneficus var Yunnan, Kunming C. rubens 26.iv.2011