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Table 1 Endophyte isolates used for phylogenetic analysis

From: Phylogenomics of fescue grass-derived fungal endophytes based on selected nuclear genes and the mitochondrial gene complement

Endophyte isolate Species or taxon Host species Origin Source*
E34 N. coenophialum F. arundinacea   RBG
NEA14 N. coenophialum F. arundinacea France NZA
NEA16 N. coenophialum F. arundinacea France NZA
NEA20 N. coenophialum F. arundinacea France NZA
NEA22 N. coenophialum F. arundinacea Spain NZA
NEA21 FaTG-3# F. arundinacea Morocco NZA
NEA23 FaTG-3 F. arundinacea Tunisia NZA
NEA17 FaTG-2$ F. arundinacea Spain NZA
NEA32 FaTG-2 F. arundinacea Morocco NZA
NEA19 UNS F. arundinacea Algeria NZA
NEA18 UNS F. arundinacea Sardinia NZA
E81 N. uncinatum F. pratensis   RBG
NEA33 FaTG-3-like F. arundinacea Morocco NZA
9707 E. baconii Agrostis tenuis Switzerland ETH Zürich
9340 E. typhina Poa pratenis Switzerland ETH Zürich
9636 E. typhina Poa trivialis Switzerland ETH Zürich
SE N. lolii Lolium perenne New Zealand DEPI
  1. *ETH Zürich: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland); NZA: New Zealand Agriseeds Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand; RBG: Royal Barenbrug Group, Nijmegen-Noord, Netherlands; DEPI: Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia.
  2. $FaTG-2: Festuca arundinacea taxonomic group 2.
  3. #FaTG-3: Festuca arundinacea taxonomic group 3.