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Table 3 Table of accessions; showing all individuals used in this study

From: Analyses of amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP) indicate rapid radiation of Diospyros species (Ebenaceae) endemic to New Caledonia

Taxon Sample ID Population Sampling location Voucher
D. calciphila F.White BT312-BT317 1 26, littoral forest JM6650, JM6653
D. cherrieri F.White BT262, BT276-BT278 2 21, dry forest NOU079551, WU062860
NOU054492, NOU054008
D. cherrieri BT293-BT297 3 24, dry forest NOU079547
D. erudita F.White BT259-BT261, BT273-BT275 4 21, dry forest WU062855, NOU079545
NOU079544, WU062870
NOU054010, WU062856
NOU054011, WU062857
D. erudita BT280-BT285, BT287 5 22, dry forest WU062858, Chambrey & Turner 20 (NOU)
D. flavocarpa (Vieill. ex P.Parm.) F.White BT126-BT130 6 10, humid mountain forest JM6625 (NOU)
D. flavocarpa BT155, BT158-BT159 7 12, dense humid mountain forest JM6632 (NOU)
D. glans F.White BT020-BT022 8 1, forest near river NOU053705, NOU030755, WU062846
D. glans BT075 9 5, dense forest near road NOU000819
D. glans BT082, BT084, BT087, BT093-BT094 10 6, forest near river NOU022860
D. impolita F.White BT101-BT105 11 7, mesophyll forest near beach NOU019538
D. inexplorata F.White BT304, BT307-BT311 12 25, littoral forest NOU005818
D. labillardierei F.White BT121-BT125 13 10, river edge in mountain forest JM6624 (NOU)
D. labillardierei BT178-BT182 14 13, river edge (NOU031346)
D. minimifolia F.White BT134-BT135 15 11, dry forest NOU019556
D. minimifolia BT230-BT234 16 18, mesophyll forest near beach NOU019554
D. minimifolia BT263-BT264, BT266-267, BT269-BT270 17 21, dry forest NOU079549, WU062872
D. pancheri Kosterm. BT029-BT031, BT035 18 2, forest near road JM6619, JM6620 (NOU)
D. pancheri BT076-BT079 19 5, dense forest near road  
D. parviflora (Schltr.) Bakh. BT042 20 3, wet forest  
D. parviflora BT059, BT062-BT063, BT068 21 4, wet dense forest NOU006656
D. parviflora BT080, BT085, BT089-BT090 22 6, forest near river JM6622 (NOU)
D. parviflora BT248-BT250, BT252-BT253 23 20, humid forest at low elevation tree no. 23109
D. parviflora BT289-BT292 24 23, mountain forest NOU079550
D. perplexa F.White BT147-BT151 25 11, forest near river JM6630 (NOU)
D. pustulata F.White BT111-BT114 26 8, dry forest  
D. pustulata BT136-BT140 27 11, dry forest JM6629 (NOU)
D. pustulata BT257-BT258, BT265, BT268, BT271-BT272 28 21, dry forest NOU079548, WU062871
D. revolutissima F.White BT116-BT120 29 9, maquis NOU023189
D. revolutissima BT218-BT222 30 17, maquis JM6640 (NOU)
D. tridentata F.White BT202-BT207 31 15, dry forest at low elevation JM6639 (NOU)
D. trisulca F.White BT185, BT192, BT197, BT199-BT201 32 14, mountain forest NOU031344, JM6637 (NOU)
D. umbrosa F.White BT061, BT065-BT066, BT071, BT073 33 4, wet dense forest  
D. umbrosa BT170-BT171, BT175-BT177 34 13, dense humid forest JM6635 (NOU)
D. umbrosa BT246-BT247, BT251, BT254, BT256 35 20, humid forest at low elevation NOU023234
D. veillonii F.White BT224, BT226-BT229 36 18, mesophyll forest near beach NOU019582
D. vieillardii (Hiern) Kosterm. BT017, BT023-BT026 37 1, forest near river JM6618 (NOU)
D. vieillardii BT055, BT057-BT058 38 4, dry open forest  
D. vieillardii BT088, BT091-BT092, BT098, BT100 39 6, forest near river  
D. vieillardii BT215-BT217 40 16, maquis NOU023242
D. vieillardii BT324-BT325, BT328 41 28, forest near river  
D. yahouensis (Schltr.) Kosterm. BT237-BT239 42 19, mesophyll forest P00057340
D. sp. Pic N'ga BT319, BT321-BT323 43 27, maquis JM6065 (NOU)
  1. The numbers of sampling localities are the same as in Figure 2. Voucher-Codes: JMXXXX: collection number J. Munzinger; Tree N° XXX: Tree of New Caledonian Plant Inventory and Permanent Plot Network (NC-PIPPN, [45]); NOUXXXXXXX: Herbarium accession number of Noumea herbarium (NOU); WUXXXXXX: Herbarium accession number of the Herbarium of the University Vienna (WU); P: Herbarium of the Natural History Museum Paris; MPU: Herbarium of the University of Montpellier II.