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Table 2 Average d N / d S across the H7 avian influenza HA1 on different NA backgrounds

From: Evolutionary interactions between haemagglutinin and neuraminidase in avian influenza

Subtype Mean d N /d S Lower 90% HPD limit for d N /d S Upper 90% HPD limit for d N /d S
H7N1 0.107 0.063 0.156
H7N2 0.226 0.126 0.309
H7N3 0.102 0.067 0.137
H7N7 0.120 0.074 0.168
  1. For each background NA subtype, the average d N /d S across the HA1 coding region was obtained for each MCMC sample by first averaging over mutational mapping replicates on that tree, then calculating average values for d N and d S across all HA1 sites. Within tree samples, the site-averaged d N was divided by the site-averaged d S for that NA subtype, to obtain 1000 posterior estimates of the d N /d S ratio for each NA subtype background.