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Table 2 Bayes factor comparisons of timing models

From: Delayed colonisation of Acacia by thrips and the timing of host-conservatism and behavioural specialisation

Hypothesis Stepping-stone sampling BF for H14 Path sampling BF for H14
ln(H14) −15934.63 NA −15933.89 NA
ln(H20) −15934.94 0.6 −15934.45 1.2
ln(H25) −15936.31 3.4 −15935.68 3.6
ln(H50) −15952.21 35.2 −15952.00 36.2
  1. Path and stepping-stone sampling was used to estimate the marginal likelihoods of divergence models inferred with BEAST. Bayes factor tests were made between the 14 Mya origin of Acacia thrips (best model = H14) and alternative timings based on penalised likelihood and Bayesian inferences. A BF indicates the strength of support for the best over the worst (ln) model.