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Table 3 Model selection results of alternative phylogenetic hypothesis testing

From: Evolution of microgastropods (Ellobioidea, Carychiidae): integrating taxonomic, phylogenetic and evolutionary hypotheses

hypothesis ΔAICM ln BFPS ln BFSS
monophyletic American Carychium 0.00 0.00 0.00
monophyletic Asian Carychium −14.07 17.24 17.66
unconstrained phylogeny −18.96 44.86 45.14
monophyletic Alpine Zospeum −157.41 85.25 85.81
monophyletic Dinaric Zospeum −345.81 191.58 190.53
  1. Results of the model selection approach to test the monophyly of geographically closely distributed taxa. Hypotheses are ranked according to model fit. AICM = modified Akaike Information Criterion; BFPS = Bayes Factor based on path simulation sampling; BFSS = Bayes Factor based on stepping stone sampling. A ΔAICM >7 and a ln BF > 2.3 are seen as strong model support.