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Table 2 Integrative identification of evolutionary lineages in Carychiidae

From: Evolution of microgastropods (Ellobioidea, Carychiidae): integrating taxonomic, phylogenetic and evolutionary hypotheses

EL cross-validation with MA
C1 includes C. clappi, some specimens of C. exile mexicanum and C. stygium
C2 matches C. exiguum
C3 matches C. exile
C4 lumped with specimens from C1 as C. exile mexicanum
C5 matches C. floridanum
C6 matches C. cf. schlickumi
C7 matches C. ibazoricum
C8 matches C. lederi
C9 lumped with C10 as C. mexicanum
C10 lumped with C9 as C. mexicanum
C11 regarded as C. costaricanum; lumped with C12 + C13 as C. mexicanum costaricanum
C12 lumped with C11 + C13 as C. mexicanum costaricanum
C13 lumped with C11 + C12 as C. mexicanum costaricanum
C14 matches C. minimum
C15 matches C. nannodes
C16 matches C. nipponense
C17 lumped with C18 + C19 as C. noduliferum
C18 lumped with C17 + C19 as C. noduliferum
C19 lumped with C17 + C18 as C. noduliferum
C20 matches C. occidentale
C21 lumped with C22 as C. cf. pessimum
C22 lumped with C21 as C. cf. pessimum
C23 includes C. tridentatum and Carychium sp. 1
C24 matches Carychium sp. 2
C25 matches Carychium sp. 3
Z1 matches Z. alpestre kupitzense
Z2 matches Z. cf. biscaiense
Z3 matches Z. exiguum
Z4 matches Z. frauenfeldi
Z5 lumped with Z6 + Z7 as Z. isselianum
Z6 regarded as Z. isselianum; lumped with Z5 + Z7 as Z. isselianum
Z7 lumped with Z5 + Z6 as Z. isselianum
Z8 matches Z. subobesum; specimens 146–148 identified as Z. isselianum
Z9 matches Z. obesum
Z10 matches Z. pretneri
Z11 regarded as Z. spelaeum schmidti; lumped with Z12 as Z. spelaeum schmidti
Z12 lumped with Z11 as Z. spelaeum schmidti
Z13 lumped with Z14, Z15 + Z16 as Z. suarezi
Z14 regarded as Z. suarezi; lumped with Z13, Z15 + Z16 as Z. suarezi
Z15 lumped with Z13, Z14 + Z17 as Z. suarezi
Z16 lumped with Z13, Z14 + Z15 as Z. suarezi
Z17 matches Zospeum sp. 1
Z18 matches Zospeum sp. 2
  1. Overview of cross-validated evolutionary lineages (EL) and initial morphospecies assignments (MA). ‘matches’ = direct match between EL and initial MA; ‘lumped’ = more than one EL in initial MA; ‘includes’ = EL includes more than one morphologically delineated taxon; ‘regarded as’ = used for a ‘lumped’ EL in case type locality populations have been analyzed.