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Table 4 Significant association of introns with rearrangement of overlapping gene pairs between A. aegypti (Aaeg) and A. gambiae (Agam)

From: Overlapping genes of Aedes aegypti: evolutionary implications from comparison with orthologs of Anopheles gambiae and other insects

Gene pair structure Aaeg Gene1 + Gene2 Agam Gene1 + Gene2 Yates Chi square Two tailed p-value
Non-overlapping in Aaeg but E/H in Agam 694 1056 31.29 p < 0.0001
E/H in Aaeg but non-overlapping in Agam 366 336   
P/O in Aaeg but non-overlapping in Agam 1023 784 16.51 p < 0.0001
Non-overlapping in Aaeg but P/O in Agam 440 471