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Table 3 Binary logit regression coefficients of rate of synonymous (dS) and non-synonymous (dN) mutations between A. aegypti overlapping genes and their 1-to-1 orthologs in other selected insects (A. gambiae, C. quinquefasciatus, D. melanogaster and P. humanus)

From: Overlapping genes of Aedes aegypti: evolutionary implications from comparison with orthologs of Anopheles gambiae and other insects

  Coefficient Std. error p-value
Gene1_dS 0.002 0.000975 0.84
Gene1_dN −0.838 0.065533 0.61
Gene2_dS 0.009 0.000099 0.39
Gene2_dN −4.533 0.346861 0.05
  1. The regression was performed in relation to presence or absence of positional overlapping of the orthologous gene pairs across species (see Additional file 4).