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Table 2 Results from ELW and SH tests performed on the set of seven different hypotheses concerning the phylogenetic timing of dcr-1 duplication in aphids

From: Evolutionary study of duplications of the miRNA machinery in aphids associated with striking rate acceleration and changes in expression profiles

Hypothesis Brief description of topology   ELW SH
δ c p-value
1 Amino acid ML tree (Figure 2) 0.87 0.1665 0.762
2 R. padi dcr-1 basal 0.87 0.1673 0.761
3 A. gossypii dcr-1 basal Best 0.3947 1.000
4 Aphidini dcr-1 in dcr-1/1a group 1.73 0.1122 0.546
5 Aphidini dcr-1 in dcr-1b group 1.73 0.1123 0.546
6 M. persicae dcr-1 basal to Macrosiphini 10.03 0.0292* 0.111
7 M. persicae dcr-1 in dcr-1b group 10.36 0.0177* 0.091
  1. The complete set of topologies can be found in Additional file 1: Figure S3. δ: difference in -lnL from best topology as calculated by TREE-PUZZLE. c: confidence value (expected likelihood weigth). A * denotes topologies significantly out of the confidence set in the ELW test and topologies significantly worse than the ML tree in the SH test.