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Table 1 Mapping between the major and minor functional categories described in [5961]

From: Giant viruses coexisted with the cellular ancestors and represent a distinct supergroup along with superkingdoms Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya

Major category Minor categories
Metabolism Energy, Photosynthesis, E-transfer, Amino acids m/tr, Nitrogen m/tr, Nucleotide m/tr, Carbohydrate m/tr, Polysaccharide m/tr, Storage, Coenzyme m/tr, Lipid m/tr, Cell envelope m/tr, Secondary metabolism, Redox, Transferases, Other enzymes
Information Chromatin structure, Translation, Transcription, DNA replication/repair, RNA processing, Nuclear structure
Intracellular processes Cell cycle, Apoptosis, Phospholipid m/tr, Cell motility, Trafficking/secretion, Protein modification, Proteases, Ion m/tr, Transport
Regulation RNA binding, m/tr, DNA-binding, Kinases/phosphatases, Signal transduction, Other regulatory function, Receptor activity
General Small molecule binding, Ion binding, Lipid/membrane binding, Ligand binding, General, Protein interaction, Structural protein
Other Unknown functions, viral proteins
Extracellular processes Cell adhesion, Immune response, Blood clotting, Toxins/defense
  1. m/tr, metabolism and transport.