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Archived Comments for: Separating the wheat from the chaff: mitigating the effects of noise in a plastome phylogenomic data set from Pinus L. (Pinaceae)

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  1. additional file missing?

    Alejandra Vázquez-Lobo, Instituto de Ecología, UNAM

    14 November 2012

    I was so curious about the phylogeny, although it seems like additional files 4 and 5 are the same, and I didn't find a tree.

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  2. Link to Additional File 4

    Matthew Parks, Oregon State University

    3 January 2013

    Due to difficulties with the link to Additional File 4 (the Pinus plastome phylogeny), we have posted this file at the following URL where it may be accessed and downloaded:

    Matthew Parks
    Aaron Liston
    Richard Cronn

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