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Table 4 Chemical distances between queens and workers among four Temnothorax species.

From: Queen pheromones in Temnothorax ants: control or honest signal?

Queens TnQ TcQ TuQ Workers TnW TcW TuW
Tc Q 0.077    Tc W 0.093   
Tu Q 0.108 0.088   Tu W 0.093 0.066  
Tr Q 0.116 0.125 0.120 Tr W 0.093 0.128 0.110
  1. Euclidean resemblance matrix based on cuticular hydrocarbon profiles of queens (Q; left side) and workers (W; right side) from the four species of Temnothorax ants involved in the mixed-species experiment (Tn = T. nylanderi, Tc = T. crassispinus, Tu = T. unifasciatus, Tr = T. recedens). Figures in bold indicate a close Euclidean Distance between a pair of groups in contrast to the other compared pairs of groups.