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Table 2 Molecular environment of the substituted sites in Pla structure and Epo model

From: Molecular adaptation of a plant-bacterium outer membrane protease towards plague virulence factor Pla

  Pla Contact Epo Contact
MRKX05 K161 solvent N159 Q160, R161
  G162 - Q160 N159, R161
  V163 p160, m210 R161 N159, Q160, p158
  R164 y209, t142 P162 R161
  V165 H101, a143, g145, i166 G163 -
MRKX10 K262 e207, t214 T260 S210, t212, d259
  N263 D212, d261 I261 d259
  V268 I270 A266 i257
  s269 q258 s267 q256
  I270 t257, V268, a274 L268 -
  G271 - D269 a32, g270
  1. Residues whose side chains come within 4 Å of the central amino acid are listed. The amino acids in each loop are indicated in different font styles, L3 (G145-V165) in bold, L4 (H208-L213) underlined and L5 (G255-A274) in italics in Pla numbering.
  2. Residues that are conserved at the site are shown in lower case letters, and the non-conserved ones in capital letters.