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Table 2 Summary of SH tests for complete gene datasets

From: Positive selection neighboring functionally essential sites and disease-implicated regions of mammalian reproductive proteins

Gene SH - gene SH - ideal Best-fit Tree
Adam2 1.0000 0.1200 NS
Catsper1 Exon1 1.0000 0.1460 NS
Catsper1 mammals 0.5020 1.0000 NS
Col1a1 1.0000 0.2650 NS
Ph20 1.0000 0.3220 NS
Porimin 0.4040 1.0000 NS
Prkar2a 1.0000 0.0490 gene
Semg2 1.0000 0.1010 NS
Sp56 1.0000 0.2380 NS
Zp2 0.1620 1.0000 NS
Zp3 1.0000 0.0050 gene
  1. For each gene, the likelihood of estimated Bayesian phylogeny (gene) and corresponding ideal species tree (ideal) to fit the dataset were determined with the SH test at a 5% significance level. Values equal to 1.0000 represent the tree with the lowest log likelihood, values less than 0.05 refer to those cases where there is a significant difference between the two topologies, and the gene tree is a significantly better fit to the data. NS = No Statistical significance between gene and species tree, in these cases the species tree was used.