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Table 2 Mutations and corresponding genotypes

From: Differential regulation drives plasticity in sex determination gene networks

Mutation paira Ancestral male Ancestral female Mutant
a→A/f→f- A/A;m/f A/A;f/f A/A;m/f-
a→A/f→f+    A/A;m/f+
a→A/m→m-    A/A;m-/f
a→A/m→m+    A/A;m+/f
f→f-/a→A a/a;m/f- a/a;f-/f- a/A;m/f-
f→f+/a→A a/a;m/f+ a/a;f+/f+ a/A;m/f+
m→m-/a→A a/a;m-/f a/a;f/f a/A;m-/f
m→m+/a→A a/a;m+/f a/a;f/f a/A;m+/f
  1. a: Each mutation pair is shown in the form background/mutant.