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Table 1 List of symbols

From: Differential regulation drives plasticity in sex determination gene networks

Symbol Description
I i, j regulation of allele i by j, which can take values -1, 0, +1
Z i allele i is capable of regulation if Z i = 1, or not if Z i = 0
T i constitutive expression of allele i is low (T i = -1) or high (T i = +1)
k positive constant affecting constitutive expression level
σ(x) sigmoid function varying between 0 and 1
h steepness of sigmoid function σ(x)
D locus expression level at D locus controls sex determination and fitness
m, f ancestral alleles at D locus
m+, f+, m-, f- mutant alleles of m and f allowing positive (+) or negative (-) regulation
R locus regulator of D locus
a ancestral allele at R locus
A mutant allele at R locus, capable of regulating D locus alleles
S ^ D steady state expression of both alleles at D locus
Δ S ^ D D locus expression difference (evolved minus ancestral)
θ sex determination threshold; if S ^ D > θ then female, otherwise male.
wM, wF selection on males and females respectively
WM, WF fitness of male and female respectively