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Table 2 Equilibrium probabilities of gene family presence from phylogenetic and non-phylogenetic mixture models.

From: On the artefactual parasitic eubacteria clan in conditioned logdet phylogenies: heterotachy and ortholog identification artefacts as explanations

Database Model πp πq πr
COG Phylogenetic 0.08 0.87 0.87
COG Non phylogenetic 0.02 0.16 0.69
OFAM Non phylogenetic 1.19 × 10-9 4.67 × 10-3 0.21
TRIBES Non phylogenetic 0.019 0.074 0.58
  1. πp (probability that a non-essential gene is present in a parasitic genome), πq (probability that a non-essential gene is present in a non-parasitic genome). πr is the probability of presence of essential gene families in both parasitic and non-parasitic genomes.