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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of the sequences used in the present study

From: On the origin of Acochlidia and other enigmatic euthyneuran gastropods, with implications for the systematics of Heterobranchia

Taxon Family Species 18S 28S 16S COI
Caenogastropoda Cyclophoridae Aperostoma palmeri DQ093435 DQ279983 DQ093479 DQ093523
  Littorinidae Littorina littorea X91970 AJ488672 DQ093481 AY345020
"Lower" Heterobranchia Orbitestellidae Orbitestella sp. EF489352 EF489377 EF489333 EF489397
  Valvatidae Valvata piscinalis FJ917223/FJ917222 FJ917224 FJ917248 FJ917267
  Cimidae Cima sp. FJ917206.1 FJ917228.1 FJ917260.1 FJ917279.1
  Rissoellidae Rissoella rissoaformis FJ917214.1 FJ917226.1 FJ917252.1 FJ917271.1
  Pyramidellidae Turbonilla sp. EF489351 EF489376 EF489332 EF489396
  Pyramidellidae Boonea seminuda AY145367 AY145395 AF355163 -
  Pyramidellidae Eulimella ventricosa FJ917213.1 FJ917235.1 FJ917255.1 FJ917274.1
  Pyramidellidae Odostomia sp. AY427526.1 AY427491.1 FJ917256.1 FJ917275.1
  Glacidorbidae Glacidorbis rusticus FJ917211.1 FJ917227.1 FJ917264.1 FJ917284.1
Acteonoidea Acteonidae Pupa solidula AY427516 AY427481 EF489319 DQ238006
  Aplustridae Hydatina physis AY427515 AY427480 EF489320 GQ845174.1
  Acteonidae Rictaxis punctocaelatus EF489346 EF489370 EF489318 EF489393
Nudipleura Bathydorididae Bathydoris clavigera AY165754 AY427444 AF249222 AF249808
  Pleurobranchidae Tomthompsonia antarctica AY427492 AY427452 EF489330 DQ237992
  Pleurobranchidae Pleurobranchus peroni AY427494 AY427455 EF489331 DQ237993
Umbraculoidea Umbraculidae Umbraculum umbraculum AY165753 AY427457 EF489322 DQ256200
  Tylodinidae Tylodina perversa AY427496 AY427458 - AF249809
Anaspidea Akeridae Akera bullata AY427502 AY427466 AF156127 AF156143
  Aplysiidae Aplysia californica AY039804 AY026366 AF192295 AF077759
Pteropoda Pneumodermatidae Pneumoderma cf. atlantica DQ237970 DQ237989 - DQ238003
  Pneumodermatidae Spongiobranchaea australis DQ237969 DQ237988 - DQ238002
  Cavoliniidae Hyalocylis striata DQ237966 DQ237985 - -
  Cavoliniidae Cavolinia uncinata DQ237964 DQ237983 - DQ237997
Runcinacea Runcinidae Runcina africana DQ923473 DQ927240 - DQ974680
Cephalaspidea s.s. Bullidae Bulla striata DQ923472.1 DQ986694.1 DQ986632.1 DQ986567.1
  Phillinoglossidae Philinoglossa praelongata AY427510 AY427475 HQ168411* -
  Scaphandridae Scaphander lignarius EF489348 EF489372 EF489324 -
  Haminoeidae Haminoea hydatis AY427504 AY427468 EF489323 DQ238004
  Philinidae Philine exigua HQ168425* HQ168438* HQ168412* HQ168450*
  Diaphanidae Diaphana sp. - EF489373 EF489325 EF489394
  Diaphanidae Toledonia globosa EF489350 EF489375 EF489327 EF489395
  Cylichnidae Cylichna gelida EF489349 EF489374 EF489326 -
Sacoglossa Volvatellidae Volvatella viridis HQ168426* HQ168439* HQ168413* HQ168451*
  Cylindrobullidae Cylindrobulla beauii EF489347 EF489371 EF489321 -
  Platyhedylidae Gascoignella nukuli HQ168427* HQ168440* HQ168414* HQ168452*
  Caliphyllidae Cyerce nigricans AY427500 AY427463 EU140843 DQ237995
  Plakobranchidae Plakobranchus ocellatus AY427497 AY427459 DQ480204 DQ237996
  Elysiidae Thuridilla bayeri AF249220 AY427461 DQ480206 DQ471271
  Elysiidae Elysia viridis AY427499 AY427462 AY223398 DQ237994
Sacoglossa (?) Aitengidae Aitengidae sp. HQ168428* HQ168441* HQ168415* HQ168453*
Acochlidia Hedylopsidae Hedylopsis ballantinei HQ168429* HQ168442* HQ168416* HQ168454*
  Hedylopsidae Hedylopsis spiculifera HQ168430* HQ168443* HQ168417* HQ168455*
  Pseudunelidae Pseudunela sp. HQ168431* HQ168444* HQ168418* HQ168456*
  Acochlidiidae Strubellia paradoxa HQ168432* HQ168445* HQ168419* HQ168457*
  Acochlidiidae Acochlidium fijiense HQ168433* HQ168446* HQ168420* HQ168458*
  Asperspinidae Asperspina sp. HQ168434* HQ168447* HQ168421* -
  Microhedylidae Pontohedyle milaschewitchii HQ168435* AY427484 HQ168422* HQ168459*
  Ganitidae Paraganitus ellynnae HQ168436* HQ168448* HQ168423* HQ168460*
  Microhedylidae Microhedyle glandulifera HQ168437* HQ168449* HQ168424* HQ168461*
Siphonarioidea Siphonaridae Siphonaria pectinata U86321 DQ279993 AY377627 AF120638
  Siphonaridae Siphonaria concinna EF489334 EF489353 EF489300 EF489378
Amphiboloidea Amphibolidae Amphibola crenata EF489337 EF489356 EF489304 -
  Amphibolidae Phallomedusa solida DQ093440 DQ279991 DQ093484 DQ093528
  Amphibolidae Salinator cf. fragilis - EF489355 EF489303 EF489381
Hygrophila Latiidae Latia neritoides EF489339 EF489359 EF489307 EF489384
  Chilinidae Chilina sp. EF489338 EF489357 EF489305 EF489382
  Acroloxidae Acroloxus lacustris AY282592 EF489364 EF489311 AY282581
  Lymnaeidae Lymnaea stagnalis EF489345 EF489367 EF489314 EF489390
  Physidae Physella acuta AY282600 EF489368 AY651241 AY282589
  Planorbidae Ancylus fluviatilis AY282593 EF489365 EF489312 AY282582
Stylommatophora Arionidae Arion silvaticus AY145365 AY145392 AY947380 AY987918
  Helicidae Arianta arbustorum AY546383 AY014136 AY546343 AY546263
  Enidae Ena montana AY546396 - AY546356 AY546276
  Cerionidae Cerion incanum - AY014060.1 - -
  Subulinidae Rumina decollata - 13794085:464-1292 AY345050 AY345050
Systellommatophora Onchidiidae Onchidium verruculatum (§) AY427522 AY427487 EF489316 EF489391
  Onchidiidae Onchidella floridiana AY427521 AY427486 EF489317 EF489392
  Veronicellidae Laevicaulis alte X94270.1 AY014151.1   
  Veronicellidae Semperula wallacei - DQ897671.1 DQ897675.1 DQ897673.1
  Rathouisiidae Atopos australis - AY014152.1 - -
Trimusculoidea Trimusculidae Trimusculus afra EF489343 - EF489309 EF489388
Otinoidea Otinidae Otina ovata EF489344 EF489363 EF489310 EF489389
  Smeagolidae Smeagol phillipensis FJ917210 FJ917229 FJ917263 FJ917283
Ellobioidea Carychiidae Carychium minimum EF489341 EF489361 EF489308 EF489386
  Ellobiidae Ophicardelus ornatus DQ093442 DQ279994 DQ093486 DQ093486
  Ellobiidae Myosotella myosotis EF489340 EF489360 AY345053 EF489385
  1. Sequences generated within this study are marked with *; (§) in GenBank as "O. verrucosum", which is not a valid name, thus treated as O. verruculatum. (" - " indicates missing sequences).