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Table 3 Taxonomy of subfamily Leuciscinae based on the phylogenetic results obtained in this study and lineages that need further review.

From: Phylogenetic relationships and biogeographical patterns in Circum-Mediterranean subfamily Leuciscinae (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) inferred from both mitochondrial and nuclear data

Previous Taxonomy Proposed taxonomy after this study
Genus Notemigonus(Lineage I)  
N. crysoleucas [152] N. crysoleucas
Genus Alburnus (Lineage II)  
Al. alburnus [2]; Al. arborella [2]; Al. belvica [2]; Al. demiri [153]; Al. escherichii [154]; Al. filippii [154]; Al. hohenackeri [2]; Al. macedonicus [2]; Al. mento [2]; Al. orontis [154]; Al. sarmaticus [2]; Al. thessalicus [2] Without changes
Alburnus populations from Kizilimark R. Alburnus sp. 1
Alburnus populations from Stryrmon R. Alburnus sp. 2
Al. sellal [154]; Al. baliki [155]; Al. kotschyi [156]; Al. orontis [154] A new genus should be described for these species to avoid the paraphyletic status of Alburnus (Type species: A. alburnus)
Genus Anaecypris (Lineage II)  
An. hispanica [2] An. Hispanica
Genus Leucaspius (Lineage II)  
L. delineatus [2] L. delineatus
Genus Pseudophoxinus (Lineage II)
Ps. punicus [157]
A new genus should be described for this species because real Pseudophoxinus (type species P. zeregi) belong to a different lineage
Genus Scardinius (Lineage III)  
Sc. acarnanicus [2]; Sc. erythrophthalmus [2]; Sc. graecus [2]; Sc. hesperidicus [2]; Sc. plotizza [2]; Sc. scardafa [2] Without changes
Genus Tropidophoxinellus (Lineage IV) Genus Tropidophoxinellus
Tr. hellenicus [2]; Tr. spartiaticus [2] Without Changes
Genus Pseudophoxinellus  
Ps. callensis [77] Tr. callensis
Ps. chaignoni [77] Tr. chaignoni
Genus Petroleuciscus (Lineage V) Without changes
Pe. borysthenicus [2], Pe. smyrnaeus [2] Genus Petroleuciscus
Genus Squalius  
Sq. aphipsi [2] Pe. aphipsi
Necessary to analyze all species considered as belonging to Petroleuciscus (P. kurui, P. squaliusculus, P. ulanus)
Genus Ladigesocypris (Lineage V) Genus Squalius
La. ghigii [2]
La. irideus [2]
Sq. ghigii
Sq. irideus
Genus Squalius (Lineage V)  
Sq. albus [2]; Sq. aradensis [2]; Sq. carolitertii [2]; Sq. castellanus [158]; Sq. cephalus [2]; Sq. illyricus [2]; Sq. keadicus [2]; Sq. kosswigi [159]; Sq. kottelati [159]; Sq. laietanus [2]; Sq. lepidus [2]; Sq. lucumonis [2]; Sq. malacitanus [2]; Sq. microlepis [2]; Sq. moreoticus [2]; Sq. orientalis [2]; Sq. orpheus [2]; Sq. pamvoticus [2]; Sq. peloponensis [2]; Sq. prespensis [2]; Sq. pyrenaicus [2]; Sq. squalus [2]; Sq. svallize [2]; Sq. tenellus [2]; Sq. torgalensis [2]; Sq. valentinus [2]; Sq. vardarense [2]; Sq. zrmanjae [2] Without changes
Squalius populations from Southern Spain Squalius sp
Squalius populations from Aksheir L. Turkey Squalius sp_Euphrates
Squalius populations from Euphrates drainage Squalius sp_Aksheir
Squalius populations from Rama L. BiH Squalius aff. vardarensis
Squalius populations from Manikiotico R. Squalius cf. orpheus
Genus Achondrostoma (Lineage VI) Achondrostoma
Ach. arcasii [2]; Ach. occidentale [2]; Ach. salmantinum [158]; Ach. oligolepis [2]
Achondrostoma populations from NE Spain
Without changes
Achondrostoma sp
Genus Chondrostoma (Lineage VI)  
Ch. angorense [160]; Ch. cyri [160]; Ch. holmwoodii [161]; Ch. knerii [2]; Ch. meandrense [160]; Ch. nasus [2]; Ch. oxyrhynchum [2]; Ch. phoxinus [2]; Ch. prespensis [2]; Ch. regium [160]; Ch. soetta [2]; Ch. vardarense [2]
Ch. olisiponensis [162]
Without changes
Iberochondrostoma olisiponensis
Genus Iberochondrostoma (Lineage VI)  
Ib. almacai [2];; Ib. lemmingii [2]; Ib. lusitanicum [2]; Ib. oretanum [2] Without changes
Genus Parachondrostoma (Lineage VI)  
Pa. arrigonis [2]; Pa. miegii [2]; Pa. toxostoma [2]; Pa. turiense [2] Without changes
Genus Phoxinellus (Lineage VI)  
Ph. alepidotus [2]; Ph. dalmaticus [2]; Ph. pseudalepidotus [2] Without changes
Genus Protochondrostoma (Lineage VI)  
Pr. genei [2] Without changes
Genus Pseudochondrostoma (Lineage VI)  
Pse. duriense [2]; Pse. polylepis [2]; Pse. willkommii [2] Without changes
Genus Pseudophoxinus (Lineage VI)  
Ps. alii [77]; Ps. anatolicus [154]; Ps. antalyae [154]; Ps. battalgilae [154]; Ps. crassus [154]; Ps. elizavetae [77]; Ps. evliyae [163]; Ps. fahrettini [163]; Ps. firati [77]; Ps. kervillei [164]; Ps. ninae [63]; Ps. zekayi [77]; Ps. zeregi [165] Without changes
Pseudophoxinus populations from Eflatun Pinari spring. Turkey Pseudophoxinus sp_EflatunPinari
Genus Telestes (Lineage VI)  
Te. alfiensis [63]; Te. beoticus [2]; Te. croaticus [2]; Te. fontinalis [2]; Te. metohiensis [2]; Te. montenegrinus [2]; Te. muticellus [2]; Te. pleurobipunctatus [2];
Te. polylepis [2]; Te. souffia [2]; Te. turskyi [2]; Te. ukliva [2]
Telestes populations from Dreznica. Croatia
Without changes
Telestes sp.
Genus Rutilus (Lineage VII)  
Ru. aula [2]; Ru. basak [2]; Ru. frisii [2]; Ru. heckeli [2]; Ru. ohridanus [2]; Ru. panosi [2]; Ru. pigus [2]; Ru. prespensis [2]; Ru. rubilio [2]; Ru. rutilus [2]; Ru. ylikiensis [2] Without changes
Genus Abramis (Lineage VIII)  
Ab. brama [2] Without changes
Genus Acanthobrama (Lineage VIII) Genus Acanthobrama
Ac. lissneri [166]; Ac. marmid [154] Without changes
Genus Acanthalburnus (Lineage VIII)  
Aca. microlepis [154] Ac. microlepis
Genus Petroleuciscus (Lineage VIII)  
Pe. persidis [167] Ac. Persidis
Genus Ballerus (Lineage VIII)  
Ba. ballerus [2]; Ba. sapa [2] Without changes
Genus Blicca (Lineage VIII)  
Bl. bjoerkna [2] Without changes
Genus Mirogrex (Lineage VIII)  
Mi. terrasanctae [164] Without changes
Genus Vimba (Lineage VIII) Genus Vimba
Vi. melanops [2]; Vi. vimba [2] Without changes
Genus Acanthobrama  
Ac. mirabilis [154] (Vi. Vimba by synonymy [6]) V. mirabilis
Genus Alburnoides (Lineage IX)  
Alb. bipunctatus [2]; Alb. prespensis [2]; Alb. bipunctatus [2] Without changes
Genus Leuciscus (Lineage X) Genus Leuciscus
Le. idus [2]; Le. latus [167]; Le. leuciscus [2]; Le. schdmidti [46]; Le. walecki [168] Without changes
Genus Aspius (Lineage X)  
As. aspius [2]; Le. aspius
As. vorax [2] Le. vorax
Genus Pseudophoxinus (Lineage XI)
P. egridiri [154]
A new genus should be described for this species because real Pseudophoxinus (type species P. zeregi) belong to a different lineage
Genus Pachychilon (Lineage XII)  
Pac. macedonicum [2]; Pac. pictum [2] Without changes
Genus Delminichthys (Lineage XII)  
D. adpersus [2]; D. ghetaldii [2]; D. jadovensis [2]; D. krbavensis [2] Without changes
Genus Pelasgus (Lineage XIII)  
P. laconicus [2]; P. marathonicus [2]; P. minutus [2]; P. prespensis [2]; P. stymphalicus [2]; P. thesproticus [2] Without changes
Genus Pelecus (Lineage XIV)  
P. cultratus [2] Without changes