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Table 6 Proteins specific for the Main Groups of Clade C Cyanobacteria

From: Signature proteins for the major clades of Cyanobacteria

(a) Proteins Specific for the Clade C cyanobacteria+ except Prochlorococcus
Protein Function (length) Protein Function (length)
NP_896793/SYNW0700 Hypothetical (76) NP_897761/SYNW1668 Hypothetical (181)
NP_896942/SYNW0849* Hypothetical (120) NP_898450/SYNW2361* Hypothetical (129)
NP_897039/SYNW0946 Hypothetical (139) NP_896879/SYNW0786* Hypothetical (107)
NP_896623/SYNW0528* Hypothetical(94) NP_896904/SYNW0811* Hypothetical (81)
NP_896827/SYNW0734 Hypothetical(152) NP_897398/SYNW1305* Hypothetical(78)
NP_897338/SYNW1245* Hypothetical(95) NP_897599/SYNW1506 Hypothetical(221)
NP_897228/SYNW1135* Hypothetical(139) NP_897875/SYNW1784 Hypothetical(150)
(b) Proteins Specific for Prochlorococcus
YP_001483307 hypothetical (58) YP_001484319* hypothetical (94)
YP_001483938* hypothetical (109) YP_001484350 hypothetical (104)
YP_001483942 hypothetical (75) YP_001484353* hypothetical (68)
YP_001483946 hypothetical (88) YP_001484529* hypothetical (99)
YP_001483975* hypothetical (99) YP_001484536* hypothetical (42)
YP_001483996* hypothetical (51) NP_875788* hypothetical (81)
YP_001484105* hypothetical (64) YP_001483983* hypothetical (96)
YP_001484131 hypothetical (61) YP_001484474* hypothetical (79)
YP_001484828 hypothetical (55) YP_001484870 hypothetical (142)
YP_001483822 hypothetical (44)   
  1. * Missing in 1-2 strains/isolates
  2. + These proteins are primarily present in various Synechococcus species/strains that are part of Clade C (see Figs. 1 and 2). However, Synechococcus genus is not monophyletic and many Synechococcus strains group with Clade and B (viz. Synechococcus sp. PCC7002, Synechococcus sp. PCC7335, Synechococcus sp. JA-3-3Ab and JA-2-3B'a) and these proteins are absent in those strains. Besides Synechococcus, homologs of many of these proteins are also found in Cyanobium sp. PCC7001 as well as in Paulinella chromatophora, indicating that these species may also belong to the Clade C cyanobacteria.