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Table 2 Species and unisexual biotype LJJJ used for mtgenome phylogeny and molecular dating analyses in this study with their GenBank accession numbers.

From: Time and time again: unisexual salamanders (genus Ambystoma) are the oldest unisexual vertebrates

Species Vouchers GenBank Accession No. References
Ambystoma barbouri JPB34342 GU078469 This study
Ambystoma barbouri JPB37710 GU078470 This study
Ambystoma texanum JPB37892 GU078471 This study
Unisexual LJJJ JPB39932 GU078472 This study
Ambystoma californiense - NC_006890 [43]
Ambystoma la t erale - NC_006330 [44]
Ambystoma tigrinum - NC_006887 [43]
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis - GQ368662 [45]
Cynops cyanurus - EU880309 [46]
Dicamptodon atterimus - GQ368657 [45]
Euproctus platycephalus - EU880317 [46]
Hynobius amjiensis - NC_008076 [47]
Notophthalmus viridescens - EU880323 [46]
Paramesotriton laoensis - EU880328 [46]
Taricha rivularis - EU880334 [46]
Triturus cristatus - EU880336 [46]
Xenopus tropicalis - NC_006839 JGI direct submission