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Table 4 Genomic Contigs that contain Clusters of β-keratins and their Composition.

From: Genomic organization and molecular phylogenies of the beta (β) keratin multigene family in the chicken (Gallus gallus) and zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata): implications for feather evolution

Locus Genomic Contig Total number of nucleotides Chromosome nucleotide range Number of sub-contigs Estimated
gap length (ntd)
GGA2 NW_001471655 6,197,148 148409042-154606189 233 141,810
TGU2 NW_002198285 1,423,962 154736755-156160716 187 18,600
GGA6 NW_001471714 6,665,001 4744693-11409693 193 119,893
GGA25 NW_001471598 380,842 1009775-1390616 41 31,241
TGU25 NW_002198052 407,827 621358-1029184 80 7,900
GGA27 NW_001471611 1,465,288 1-1465288 162 85,846
TGU27_Loci_1 NW_002198174 148,626 788428-937053 14 1,300
TGU27_Loci_2 NW_002198180 666,370 3132406-3798775 68 6,700
  1. Each genomic contig that contains at least two β-keratin sequences are listed according to their NCBI GI number. For each genomic contig the total number of nucleotides, the range of nucleotides that is covered on their respective chromosome, the number of contigs, and the estimated gap lengths based on linkage maps for each species is listed. In the case of zebra finch, each gap consisted of 100 unknown nucleotides.