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Table 3 Query Sequences used to Perform BLAST Searches of the G. gallus and T. guttata genomes.

From: Genomic organization and molecular phylogenies of the beta (β) keratin multigene family in the chicken (Gallus gallus) and zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata): implications for feather evolution

Feature Lowest E-Value
(G. gallus/T. guttata)
Cut-off E-Value
(G. gallus/T. guttata)
Highest BLAST Score (G. gallus/T. guttata) Cut-off BLAST score (G. gallus/T. guttata) GI # or publication
Feather β-Keratin Coding (FK) [A,B,C,D] 1.00e-162/
3.00e-95/2.00e-60 565/258 342/226 GI:62929 (A)
GI:62930 (B)
GI: 126165215 (C)
GI:62931 (D)
Feather-Like Coding (FL) 1.00e-155/5.00e-113 2.00e-93/6.00e-68 542/401 337/251 Presland et al [11]
Claw β-keratin Coding 6.00e-151/4.00e-53 4.00e-125/4.00e-53 528/202 442/202 GI:211431
Scale β-keratin Coding 5.00e-95/9.00e-57 1.00e-75/9.00e-54 339/211 274/201 GI:63548
Keratinocyte 0.0/NA 0.0/NA 743/NA 743/NA GI:154800479
Beak β-keratin NA/NA NA/NA NA/NA NA/NA GI:29570104
β-keratin in jun-transformed cells (BKJ) 1.00e-143/NA 1.00e-143/NA 511/NA 511/NA GI:1016678
  1. Query sequences used in BLAST searches and the NCBI GI number or publication where these sequences can be located. The lowest and highest (cut-off) E-value, the highest and lowest (cut-off) BLAST score for identification of β-keratin sequences on GGA25 and TGU25 are listed. These sequences were also used to search the entire genomes of both G. gallus and T. guttata using an E-value cut-off of 1e-10 for those searches involving additional feather β-keratins [7, 8].