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Table 1 Expression of β-keratin Sequences in Chicken Tissue:

From: Genomic organization and molecular phylogenies of the beta (β) keratin multigene family in the chicken (Gallus gallus) and zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata): implications for feather evolution

Sequence annotation Cultured Newborn chick Keratinocytes Embryonic chick claw tissue Embryonic chick scale tissue Embryonic chick feather Adult chick feather Embryonic chick beak
Claw ++ ++++ ++ + unknown +++
Feather ++ +* +* ++++ ++++ +*
Feather-like unknown none + ++ ++ none
Scale ++ +* ++++ + unknown +*
Keratinocyte ++ unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
  1. The sequence annotation for each type of β-keratin gene (claw, feather, feather-like, scale, and keratinocyte) is listed in the left column. The expression level is indicated as plus (+) signs, with more plus signs signifying higher levels of expression. The tissue source and developmental stage is designate at the top of each column. An asterisk indicates that a positive reaction was seen with antiserum for that specific β-keratin sequence [1114, 64].