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Table 1 Midas cichlid populations used in this study with their characteristic morphology and preferred habitat

From: Divergent and non-parallel evolution of MHC IIB in the Neotropical Midas cichlid species complex

Lake Lake type Population Morphotype Habitat n
Nicaragua Tectonic A. citrinellus High-bodied Shallow benthic 24
A. labiatus Thick-lipped Rocky 25
Managua Tectonic A. citrinellus High-bodied Shallow benthic 20
A. labiatus Thick-lipped Rocky 4
Masaya Crater A. cf. citrinellus High-bodied Shallow benthic 27
A. cf. labiatus Thick-lipped Rocky 18
Asososca León Crater A. citrinellus f. benthic High-bodied Shallow benthic 23
A. citrinellus f. limnetic Long-bodied Limnetic 20
Apoyo Crater A. astorquii High-bodied Shallow benthic 20
A. chancho High-bodied Deep benthic 21
A. zaliosus Long-bodied Limnetic 21
Xiloá Crater A. amarillo High-bodied Shallow benthic 22
A. xiloaensis High-bodied Deep benthic 11
A. sagittae Long-bodied Limnetic 31
Total      287
  1. n, number of sampled individuals per population