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Table 1 Percentage of variance explained by the generalized dissimilarity models for the data sets encompassing diploid (‘dpds’), and both haploid and diploid (‘mpds’) individuals

From: Environmental differences explain subtle yet detectable genetic structure in a widespread pollinator

  dpds mpds
Full 33.48 39.18
Env only 33.48 39.18
Geo only 0.07 0.00
Res only 0.00 0.01
Random 24.30 31.78
Lower CI 23.77 31.24
Upper CI 24.82 32.32
  1. Models were run with five different input data sets. (1) Full: geographic distance, resistance distance and environmental variables were included; (2) Env only, (3) Geo only, (4) Res only: contained environmental variables, geographic distance, and resistance distance only, respectively. (5) Random: mean of 1000 models with randomly generated environmental variables. Lower/Upper CI: lower/upper 95% confidence interval of the random models