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Table 1 Characteristics of each of the three field sites at which Varecia variegata was studied

From: The gut microbiome as an indicator of habitat disturbance in a Critically Endangered lemur

  Mangevo Vatovavy Sangasanga
Disturbance level (categorical) Undisturbed Moderately disturbed Heavily disturbed
Stem density (trees > 10 cm DBH, stems/ha) 699.3 358.92b 344.52b
Mean DBH (trees > 10 cm DBH, cm) 23.81 23.15b 24.76b
Mean height (trees > 10 cm DBH, m) 14.09 11.49b 10.87b
Mean canopy openness (%) 21.4 46.00b 59.70b
Trees cut down 5.4 trees/haa 49% of transect area had at least some trees cut 55% of transect area had at least some trees cut
Signs of fire 0a 19% of transect area had at least some burning 0% of transect area burned
Distance to nearest human settlement  > 3 km  < 2 km  < 1 km
Distance to nearest forest patch na 5.89 km  < 0.1 km
  1. Mangevo data were collected in 2019 (A. Baden and A. Mancini, unpublished) and Vatovavy and Sangasanga data in 2018 (E. Louis, unpublished), unless otherwise indicated
  2. a2004, P. Wright and S. Johnson, unpublished
  3. b2014, E. Louis and D. Rafidimanana, unpublished