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Table 2 Test statistics of experiments on sexual isolation among females and males from different strains in Nasonia vitripennis

From: The emergence of ecotypes in a parasitoid wasp: a case of incipient sympatric speciation in Hymenoptera?

Response variable Factors Chi2 df p
Occurrence of copulation Ms-cluster (k = 3) 0.1269 1 0.722
Ms-cluster (k = 5) 3.7351 1 0.053
Microhabitat 1.1870 1 0.276
  1. ANOVA test statistics based on a generalized linear model, family “binomial”, with the occurrence of copulations as response variable and the affiliation to the same or different microsatellite clusters (either based on k = 3 or k = 5 populations) and the microhabitat of wasps (same microhabitat, different microhabitats) as factors