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Table 1 Terminology used throughout text

From: Relative model selection of evolutionary substitution models can be sensitive to multiple sequence alignment uncertainty

Term Meaning
MSA Acronym for multiple sequence alignment
Dataset A set of unaligned orthologous sequences
Datatype Either nucleotide (NT) or amino-acid (AA)
Dataset source Either Drosophila, Euteleostomi, or PANDIT
Reference MSA The initial MSA created from a given dataset using default MAFFT settings
Perturbed MSA A perturbed MSA generated from a given dataset using a GUIDANCE2-based approach
Variant MSA One of any 50 unique MSAs (either reference or variant MSA) built from a given dataset
Stable dataset A dataset with the same selected model for all variant MSAs
Unstable dataset A dataset with at least two distinct selected models among all variant MSAs
\({M_0}\) The most frequently identified best-fitting model for a given dataset
\({M_{\text{ref}}}\) The best-fitting model identified for a given dataset’s reference MSA