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Table 2 Mitochondrial and nuclear nucleotide diversity estimates, and neutrality tests of Wolbachia infected and uninfected I. elegans specimens based on the mitochondrial or nuclear loci

From: Wolbachia-driven selective sweep in a range expanding insect species

  1. Nt number of samples, NH number of haplotypes, Ho observed haplotype diversity (as NH/Nt), Hd haplotype diversity (as the probability of two haplotypes to be different), S Number of polymorphic sites, π nucleotide diversity
  2. *P < 0.05, **p < 0.02, ***P < 0.001. In bold the significant data, and in grey the data for wEle1 infected samples, for visualisation
  3. !Sample size and haplotype numbers for the calculations of Hd, S, π, Tajima’s D and Fu & Li’s indexes were slightly different for the nuclear gene, due to an indel in some sequences