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Table 1 Orthologous genes encoding proteins implicated in var gene regulation

From: Evolution of transcriptional control of antigenic variation and virulence in human and ape malaria parasites

P. alderi PADL01_1221600 PADL01_1327800 PADL01_1451400 PADL01_1429900 PADL01_0917600 PADL01_1321000 PADL01_0809000 PADL01_0201200
P. gaboni PGABG01_1219800 PGABG01_1327000 PGABG01_1450200 PGABG01_1428600 PGABG01_0916000 PGABG01_1320200 PGABG01_0809800 PGABG01_0200100
P. blacklocki PBLACG01_1220400 PBLACG01_1327100 PBLACG01_1450800 PBLACG01_1429300 PBLACG01_0918200 PBLACG01_1320300 PBLACG01_0809600 *
P. billcollinsi PBILCG01_1221100 PBILCG01_1329300 PBILCG01_1450900 PBILCG01_1430500 PBILCG01_0922000 PBILCG01_1322500 PBILCG01_0815300 PBILCG01_0205100
P. reichenowi PRG01_1224300 PRG01_1331000 PRG01_1451400 PRG01_1429900 PRG01_0926000 PRG01_1324200 PRG01_0812700 PRG01_0201700
P. praefalciparum PPRFG01_1233800 PPRFG01_1330800 PPRFG01_1452100 PPRFG01_1430600 PPRFG01_0917400 PPRFG01_1324000 PPRFG01_0811300 PPRFG01_0202500
P. falciparum PF3D7_1221000 PF3D7_1328800 PF3D7_1451400 PF3D7_1429900 PF3D7_0918600 PF3D7_1322100 PF3D7_0809900 PF3D7_0202400
P. vivax PVX_123685 PVX_082385 PVX_117910 PVX_085045 PVX_099345 PVX_116765 PVX_123283 missing
P. berghei PBANKA_1436200 PBANKA_1343800 PBANKA_1315100 PBANKA_1014800 PBANKA_0819500 missing missing missing
P. gallinaceum PGAL8A_00535100 PGAL8A_00241100 PGAL8A_00210600 PGAL8A_00301500 PGAL8A_00431400 PGAL8A_00234100 PGAL8A_00526200 missing
  1. The species names are listed on the left and the gene annotation number for each protein are listed in columns under each protein name. Genes encoded SET2 and JmJC1 are not found at the syntenic genomic positions in P. berghei, and syntenic genes encoding PTEF are not found in either P. vivax, P. berghei or P. gallinaceum (denoted with italicized text). *The existence of PTEF in P. blacklocki could not be determined because the syntenic region of the genome is incomplete in the most recent genome sequence assembly for this species