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Table 2 Relative variable importance (RVI) values of predictor variables used in the body mass index (bmi) generalized linear models after model averaging. Statistically meaningful predictor variables for bmi are shown in bold

From: Positive selection on the MHC class II DLA-DQA1 gene in golden jackals (Canis aureus) from their recent expansion range in Europe and its effect on their body mass index

  Age dqagt Age * dqagt Lat Lon Lat*Lon Sex tf1 pf tf2
RVI 1 0.74 0.68 0.62 0.55 0.40 0.36 0.30 0.26 0.24
  1. dqagt DQA genotype, Lat latitude, Lon longitude, tf1 temperature factor 1, tf2 temperature factor 2, pf precipitation factor