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Table 5 Proportional expression of cone opsin genes of turbot at different stages

From: Evolutionary ecology of the visual opsin gene sequence and its expression in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Age (month) LWS RH2B1 RH2C Other
0.5 47.98a 28.13a 16.12a 7.77a
1 53.85a 26.14a 13.29a 6.71ab
2.5 47.43a 34.13a 14.51a 3.93b
4 24.71b 53.39b 17.35a 4.55b
9 14.64c 63.27b 18.74a 3.35ab
18 29.22b 57.19b 11.22b 2.37b
  1. Different letters represent statistically significant differences between stages (P < 0.05)