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Table 3 Variable importance values for the factors considered in the models of amino acid substitutions (values above 0.7—0.8 indicate significant factor effects)

From: Positive selection on two mitochondrial coding genes and adaptation signals in hares (genus Lepus) from China

  Climate factor 1 Climate factor 2 Climate factor 3 Climate factor 4 introgression co-occurring protein varianta
MT-ND4 models 1 1 1 0.1 0.3  < 0.01
MT-Cytb models 0.98 0.32 0.93 0.28 0.26
  1. a i.e., for the Cytb loucs; for the MT-Cytb models there was no chance to account for the co-occurring protein variants at the MT-ND4 locus, because of too many variants for that latter locus