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Table 2 Gene ontology classification of mutated genes according to their biological meaning

From: Genetic interaction network has a very limited impact on the evolutionary trajectories in continuous culture-grown populations of yeast

Biological meaning cog7Δ msh2Δ nup133Δ msh2Δ
Cell wall and cell division DMA2, ELM1, SKM1 DMA1, GIC1, SCW4
Cellular metabolism AMF1, DAK2, GLN1, GNA1, HXK1, ICL1, SEO1, SHM2, SHP1, SOL4, TKL1 CAN1, CEX1, EFT2, SAM2
Endocytosis ART5, ECM21  
Genome maintenance AMN1, EXO5, HUR1, IRR1, NET1, PIF1, SAP30 APC5, GIC1, MEC3, RIM15, RSC1, SWI1
Golgi/ER-associated HSP104, KRE5, PMR1, TRX2 PRK1, SLA2
Histone modification   ACC1, BRE1
Peroxisome-associated   INP1, PEX21
Protein folding   EMP65, HSP60, IBA57, TAH1
Transcription, translation ACE2, MRPS5, PAB1, PRP2, RPL4B, SSN3, WAR1