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Fig. 5

From: Genetic interaction network has a very limited impact on the evolutionary trajectories in continuous culture-grown populations of yeast

Fig. 5Fig. 5

A DEGs shared by non-mutator and mutator strains. DEG sets unique to a given evolved strain (as determined within the non-mutator (MSH2) and mutator (msh2Δ) set of strains) were compared with one another. Grey cells depict pairs that a priori cannot have common DEGs. Triangles pointing upwards and downwards indicate up- and downregulated DEGs. B Detailed comparison of all yeast strains tested. UpSet diagrams indicate intersections between up- (red) and downregulated (blue) genes in all yeast strains tested, generated by multiple comparisons. The horizontal bars show the number of differentially expressed genes of a given yeast strain, while the vertical bars display the size of sets of genes ordered by increasing degree of intersections

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