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Table 1 Plant collection information and GenBank accession numbers for plastomes of Styracaceae and outgroups included in this study

From: Plastome structure and phylogenetic relationships of Styracaceae (Ericales)

Family Species name Specimen collection and voucher specimen Locality Accession number
Styracaceae Alniphyllum eberhardtii Yan M.H. 201,401 (HIB) Kunming Institute of Botany,China NC_031892_1
Styracaceae Alniphyllum fortunei HUTB LC Lushan Mountain, Jiujiang, Jiangxi MT700470
Styracaceae Styrax grandiflorus NA Yunnan, China NC_030539_1
Styracaceae Alniphyllum pterospermum NA Wuhan,Hubei,China NC_041126_1
Styracaceae Bruinsmia polysperma Wang Hong 9805 (HIB) Pu'er, Jinggu County, Yunnan, China NC_030180_1
Styracaceae Bruinsmia styracoides P.W. Fritsch 1886 (CAS) Sabah, Malaysia NC_041137_1
Styracaceae Changiostyrax dolichocarpa HUTB SZ1 Hupingshan, Hunan, China MT700471
Styracaceae Changiostyrax dolichocarpa HUTB SZ2 Hupingshan, Hunan, China MT700472
Styracaceae Halesia diptera P.W. Fritsch 1975 (CAS) University of California Botanical Garden, California, NC_041128_1
Styracaceae Halesia_carolina P.W. Fritsch 1974 (CAS) University of California Botanical Garden, California, NC_041127_1
Styracaceae Huodendron biaristatum Yan M.H. 201,403 (HIB) Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hubei, China NC_041132_1
Styracaceae Melliodendron xylocarpum YXQ138 NA MF179500_1
Styracaceae Perkinsiodendron macgregorii Zhao C.X. 201,401 (HIB) Nanyue Arboretum, Hunan, China MG719841_1
Styracaceae Pterostyrax corymbosus Yan M.H. 201,405 (HIB) Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hubei, China NC_041134_1
Styracaceae Pterostyrax hispidus P.W. Fritsch 1970 (CAS) Quarryhill Botanical Garden, California, U.S.A NC_041135_1
Sstyracaceae Pterostyrax psilophyllus Yan M.H. 201,406 (HIB) Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hubei, China NC_041133_1
Styracaceae Rehderodendron macrocarpum Zhao C.X. 201,402 (HIB) Nanyue Arboretum, Hunan, China NC_041139_1
Styracaceae Sinojackia microcarpa HUTB B274 Jiande, Zhejiang, China MT700474
Styracaceae Sinojackia rehderiana HUTB PZ13 Pengze, Jiangxi,China MT700475
Styracaceae Sinojackia sarcocarpa HUTB B242 Leshan, Sichuan,China MT700476
Styracaceae Sinojackia sarcocarpa HUTB B243 Sichuan Normal University,China MT700477
Styracaceae Sinojackia xylocarpa HUTB NJ Nanjing, Botanical, Garden, Jiangsu,China MT700481
Theaceae Stewartia monadelpha S. Sakaguchi s. n Nara, Kinki, Japan NC_041468_1
Theaceae Stewartia sinii H. Y. Lin 16,105 Jinxiu Co., Guangxi, China NC_041470_1
Styracaceae Styrax confusus HUTB SS Lushan Mountain, Jiujiang, Jiangxi MT700478
Styracaceae Styrax faberi HUTB B197 Lushan Mountain, Jiujiang, Jiangxi MT700480
Styracaceae Styrax ramirezii P. W. Fritsch 1472 (CAS) University of California Botanical Garden, California,U.S.A NC_041138_1
Styracaceae Styrax suberifolius Zhao C.X. 201,403 (HIB) Nanyue Arboretum, Hunan, China NC_041125_1
Styracaceae Styrax zhejiangensis NA NA NC_038209_1
Styracaceae Styrax dasyanthus HUTB CH Lushan Mountain, Jiujiang, Jiangxi MT700479
Symplocaceae Symplocos ovatilobata HUTB Diaoluo Mountain,Hainan, China NC_036489_1